Monday, July 24, 2006

DAMMIT I hate Mondays.
Cannot seem to get anything at all done today. Just want to go home and hide under the bed for a while, flopped down from the heat like the cat. There is still so much left to do I want to cry and go off and knit for a while, somewhere where there are no telephones and it is 75 degrees and sunny but will not give me a sunburn.

Cake stuff is set, as of Saturday. I miss Mel at the now-defunct Criollo Bakery more than ever, because while this place is ok, it's not even half as good as Mel's cakes. And costs about the same. Damn wedding cakes, why is it so rare to have a GOOD TASTING CAKE? I guess I'm a function over form gal.

I went suit shopping with K on Sunday. He decided to not wear a tux and all the fun attendant tasks. He also waited until a month or so ago to even start looking into it, and by then good rentals are hard to find. I really hate nagging, my parents employed it regularly and it REALLY REALLY ANNOYS ME, but I've been trying to quietly push for months now. Considering the nightmare of finding clothes that I went through. It's < 14 days now and it's going to be fun seeing if they can even complete alterations in that time. If he can even find anything (no luck on Sunday. Everyone's having sales and so all the inventory is sold out). And, fun fun fun, he tried on his other suit (still pretty new, worn maybe.. 3 times?) this morning and it doesn't fit. A little tight across the waist. Mmm, beer.

Who knew that there were so many ugly ties out there? Maybe the context is missing.

Finished the pumpkin hat, and it looks... not so good. Ah well. My tension is really uneven in the lower part. But my first attempt at I-cord is a thumbs up.

Idiot cord: It sure looks awful on the row you're currently working, but don't give up until you can see it 3-4 rows down, when it magically pulls together. My other mistake was doing a knitted-on cast-on, because I wanted the opening to be extra-stretchy. The cast-on is far too loose, and the roll-up brim doesn't roll up so nicely. I used the regular long-tail cast-on for an apple hat, and it rolls much more nicely.

I also have quite a problem tensioning when switching from purl to knit (or vise versa), but I knew about that already. This, of course, plays merry hell with any ribbing I try to do. My socks look extra unattactive so they're on hold for the moment. I've tried to fix this or compensate by pulling tighter after switching forward to back to forward, but the cotton is extra-unforgiving. Any ideas on fixing this unfortunately behavior?

I have got to get those hats in the mail tomorrow at the latest. More things I have to do. K says, you write all the things down on paper and that gets them out of your head so you needn't worry about them anymore. Ha. Then I've got a great long list that with which I can feel overwhelmed.

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Carole said...

But when you have a list, then you get to cross things off. And that feels great. Good luck with everything.