Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday, lovely Friday

It's been an eventful week at work. I have 6 concurrent projects I'm working on and 3 of them just got Super Important To Fix Right Now Where's Our Fix? since Wednesday. Also, dress fitting on Tuesday, and yet-another-salon-tryout on Wednesday and holy crap there is only 2 1/2 weeks left of work until vacation and 3 weeks until W-day. Possibly you are thinking this:

I wanted to knit a stole to wear for the W-----g, but I dithered about the yarn for far too long and I won't get it done in time unless I spend an entire weekend working on it. I've got more pressing things to do than knit for a whole weekend. It's the Lily of the Valley stole from Fiddlesticks Knitting, by the way. I have one end of the edging and 11 1/2 repeats finished. Full stole is 25 repeats + 2 edging ends. Guess I'm a slower knitter because it takes me about an hour and half for each repeat.

So to cure me of the obsession with that so that I can get something useful done in the (gah!) Last Three Weekends before the hordes descend (such as.. cleaning the house? Washing the sheets? Bugging the caterers to submit the insurance form the venue needs?) I'm knitting a baby pumpkin hat for a drive to encourage breast-feeding.

(Stoned baby not included).

I'm using Tahki Cotton Classic because I wanted to try out that yarn. I've heard good things about it - it's cabled, so it doesn't pill as much, and it's not as painful on hands as cotton has a reputation for being. I like it so far, it's very smooth and I'm getting a nice even gauge and a nice fabric using 4 mm (US 6) bamboo DPNs. Also it's shiny (me: part crow. Love the shiny. Look awful in the shiny).

I've been doing lace for so long (previous to Lily of the Valley Stole was the Kiri Shawl from Polly over at All Tangled Up) that I was kind of slow on the DPNs at first, with worsted weight yarn. I keep a much looser tension when knitting lace. I finally have found my rhythm and it's not taking FOREVER to get a single 72-stitch row finished. Yay! It's a good mass-transit knit too, as it's tiny, not heavy, and people stay away from the crazy lady and her 5 sticks. Woo, seat to myself!


Rabbitch said...

I like that hat, but what the hell did they give that poor baby?

BigAlice said...

Morphine-laced pablum! Keeps the little ones quiet for their closeups!

The look is kind of similar to that of the sweatered kitty from Stitchy McYarnpants, you think?