Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I had the nightmare about forgetting the wedding dress last night. I've been expecting that one for weeks now. I've already been through the hair/makeup one (although that's resurfacing in light of recent events) It's like card trading, collect them all! I guess it must not disturb my psyche much to go barefoot at my wedding, as there has been nothing at all about SHOES.

I laughed in mockery of the rest of the country too soon, I see. There are whispers of a high of 108 for Saturday. Please permit me to cry now. In the same way that most elderly southern California homes do not have a heating system, most older homes in Portland don't have air conditioning. I'll be hiding in the basement on Saturday, and I better hit the gym before 9 am unless I really enjoy heat stroke (I am too cheap to belong to the Big Chain gym; instead I belong to the Ghetto gym which doesn't have AC, but which has a huge golden statue of a bulging muscle man. It's all about the priorities.)

Strangely enough, the Lily of the Valley stole has lately become kind of a comfort knit. Yeah, all those nupps. After a couple dozen of them they aren't so bad.

I had a makeup episode yesterday. I think it went quite well, really. She was very very good at the whole "subtle" bit, and I liked the look of it (although still kind of startling to me, who never wears anything). However, K told me my lips looked too shiny (well DUH, I am wearing lipstick, it has that effect) and my cheeks were weird. I didn't take it so well.

I should consider myself lucky that he prefers me not wearing any makeup, seeing as I never do. But it's like, I don't know, I WANT to look like me, but at the same time better. It's not really working out that way though. I get the feeling that it's like dressing up a raccoon -- it doesn't matter how much makeup or what you dress it up as -- it still looks like a raccoon.

Everyone keeps talking about the pictures. Screw the pictures. I want good memories more than pictures. This whole thing has become something of an body acceptance exercise, where I just have to stop worrying and just go with what I look like and accept that it's not going to change. I wonder why the makeup is freaking K out but doing up the hair is not. Oh wait, *I* am freaking about the hair, but only the part dealing with Product and Hairspray and Some Kind of Volcanic Goo (I am NOT kidding) mixed up in it. Bah.

So, I came home and K did his bleh shiny lips thing then I cried a little and knit 6 rows on the stole. Perhaps it is the fact that I spent 2 hours at that dumb salon, when I could have been knitting instead.

Because Angst is boring, here are some socks:


Carole said...

You think this is boring? No freakin way.

BigAlice said...

You flatter me, I feel like a huge bundle of neurotic nerves lately. Usually that makes for utterly craptastic writing. But thank you for the comment.

pacalaga said...

You want the pictures because the day it happens, you're so freaking THRILLED that it's soon going to be over and you can go back to your ponytailed, no makeup self, that you won't remember quite all of it. (Plus, if your family and friends are as twisted as mine, those little disposable cameras on the tables will make you laugh until your champagne toast comes right out your nose.)
You can always get a nice lip pencil, color in your lips and put some Burt's Bees on. Not so shiny, and the minty scent will help hide the beer breath from your breakfast. (Oh, maybe that was just me.)

Emma said...

Have you found yet? The board there has lots of good info and advice. I know that there's a dicussion there somehwere about bridal makeup for women who never usually wear makeup.

I think small things like plucking your eyebrows (to get rid of all the stragglers while leaving the main shape intact) can make a big difference. Vaseline is also very useful as a clear mascara and lip gloss. Also if you find normal foundation to heavy try mixing it with moisturiser.

If you're finding the all white look too much, you can add colour with your flowers/bouquet and also with a stole.



BigAlice said...

Thanks, pacalaga & Emma,
I hadn't seen, it's an interesting site.
I'll try the moisturizer with foundation, as my face feels as if it's about to crack sometimes with that on.
Must... not... itch... nose...