Monday, July 31, 2006

Man I am tired. Stupid tired, where everything requires so much more effort than it should. It's like I used up all my late night mojo in college and now I don't have the energy to work anymore when I'm tired. And it always makes me feel as if I'm failing Physics again. Ha, wonder if that's some kind of bizarre tactile memory.

Why did I agree to work at all this week? Must've made that choice during another stupid tired episode, or more likely when I was fully awake and feeling "rational." E.g. thinking I have all the time in the world. Now I am at work trying to concentrate while fretting about things undone at home. K is at home and cleaning but there is always more to be done. At least the venue got the damn caterer's certificate. ARGGH.

Nothing like moving things around to feel like I am the Clutter Queen.

Anyway. non-sequitur finish: here's proof of what happens when you subject wool to a large temperature change, even superwash wool. Tip: trust your instincts and the multiple other information sources you've read, even if a trusted source is recommending something. Or at least damn well test it out with a smaller amount.

Dyed up a real nice red, though.

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