Monday, July 17, 2006

Why I love the Pacific Northwest:

To quote Tim Roche on the Weather Underground:
One area that will escape the heat plaguing the rest of the Nation will be the Coastal Northwest, temperatures are expected to remain fairly cool west of the Cascade’s[sic] and these cooler temperatures will also spread down the Pacific coast, as cool air is expected to linger a few miles inland from the ocean.

My what a fun weekend. My list of Stuff To Do By August 5th is a page and half long, two-columns. Clean straighten garden call blah blah blah. When my brother got married several years ago and my parents had a reception for him and his new wife, I gave my parents a clean-the-whole-house maid service. I knew they'd kill themselves trying to get everything clean in time. Do you KNOW what 2 teenage boys and years of semi-neglect can do to a bathroom? Now I'm almost wishing I'd arranged that for myself. Enh, I'd like to think that the house really isn't *that* dirty. I haven't reached the throw-it-all-in-the-closet stage yet. Yet. Holy crap I have too much yarn. Let's not even go into the fabric.

I bought the stem yarn for the Pumpkin hat. My gauge on the hat made of Tahki Cotton Classic is not looking as even as I thought it was. Maybe my inexperience with knitting with cotton? Tension problems, probably, I have been working on getting an even gauge fabric since I started knitting, a year and a half ago, and still my purl stitch is looser than the knit. Gah.

The shop didn't have a brown in the Cotton Classic so I had to sub. I didn't realize there was a such a difference between mercerized and non- cotton(Rowan Handknit was a possible substitute, but unmercerized). You'd think with all the cotton fabric dyeing I've done, I'd be more cognizant of shiny/non-shinyness, but no, it still takes me by surprise.


Carole said...

Hi Alice,
Jen sent me over. But I see you read Snow, too, and she's one of my good buddies. I've been knitting those fruit and veg hats, too. So, welcome to the world of knit blogging. Good to have you around.

La said...

Let it be are now being blogstalked. [wink]

How does it feel?

Great to see you started a blog!