Friday, July 21, 2006

Nature is getting back at me for mocking the rest of the country's weather. Today's high here is predicted to be 105 degrees F. Low? 65 or so.

I grew up in the desert and one of the things I miss the most is that it might get sweltering during the day, but:

  1. it was rarely hot and humid at the same time. 95 degrees with only 2% humidity really isn't so bad, as long as you're out of the sun
  2. it cooled down a LOT at night. So even if you were miserable during the day, at least you could sleep.

Humidity in Portland is at 46% right now. arggh. And a 65 degree low means that it'll be 10 pm tonight and still 80 degrees outside. Maybe gonna try out that new air mattress in the basement tonight.

Salon part 3 today, on perhaps the hottest day of the year so far. So looking forward to it. Not. Salon artiste #1 has decided my hair is too much, and turned it over to another artiste. I insisted on another trial.

Why don't I just bag it and do my hair myself? I mean, it'll be boring, it'll be mundane, but then I won't have to have this smelly Volcanic Goo in my hair, giving me a headache. And I had the fun fun task of blowdrying my hair dry this morning. Hello, my hair is 2 1/2 feet long and thick. It takes 40 minutes of hot air to dry it. UGH. I cheated, I didn't dry it all the way. It definitely has more "body" now. Just what I need.

I just keep feeling that I'm going to be nervous and feel strange and weird and stressed on That Day anyway, and adding to the stress levels by introducing weird smells and face goo is just going to push me over the edge. Can only take so many sensual inputs, you know?

Did a row on the Lily of the Valley stole today while waiting for the bridge into Downtown to close. Ha! (really, I do not normally knit while in the driver's seat of a car).

What do you think? Too Princess Amidala? (also know as: does this hair make my face look fat?)

I could totally do this. Yes, I have That Much Hair.

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