Thursday, August 31, 2006

Having a hard time motivating myself today

My shared office partially overlooks the Willamette river and the large park running along it, so whenever there's a noisy event, I can hear it faintly through the window glass. Today I can see the white tents even and there's faint classical music drifting in, as if someone's playing it in an adjoining office. My coworker says that the symphony does an evening in the park where the do the 1812 overture, complete with cannons and fireworks afterwards. This must be the rehearsel... yeah, I can hear now that very representative part near the end, the one with the cannons punctuating the beginning of the phrase (though cannons for the rehearsel). Geez, Tchaikovsky really could not END a piece, could he? This ending goes on for something like 3 minutes.

The Vampires, uh, the Red Cross, called last night and asked me to schedule another blood donation, and I keep putting them off. I must have some awful notations on my record now - last time they called:

Vampire: This is the Red Cross. We're calling to see if you'd be willing to donate blood on Saturday.
Me: I'm sorry, I don't think I can at the moment, I'm getting married in a week.
Vampire: Oh, so you don't have a lot of spare time right now.
Me: Exactly.
Vampire: Congratulations and we'll call again another time.

This time I've got a nasty little chest cold that just keeps hanging in there - it's been a week now. I can just see the note in the file: "Making up illnesses and wedding(!) just so she doesn't have to donate. - PROBLEM DONOR"


I'm trying to teach myself how to knit (and purl) without looking at what I'm doing. Last night I tried working on the slip-stitch practice sweater while watching Battlestar Galactica (new version; 1st season, 3rd disc. Can I just say, Sharon is pissing me off? She acts all betrayed when the Chief breaks it off because his subordinate covers for him and gets thrown in jail. Why is she at all surprised at his reaction? Also, hello, why couldn't you have bothered to give your security guards a PICTURE of evil dude? You wouldn't have had to say anything except "detain this guy". Bah).

Anyway. I dropped a stitch somewhere near the beginning of the section I was working on and didn't discover it until after watching the shows. Fortunately it didn't travel far, but I had to rip out most of what I'd done that night. Double Bah! Ah well, at least it's small and goes fast.

Sunny today! Yesterday it was 60 degrees and raining. Hooray for summer!

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Carole said...

Hooray for the last weekend of summer. Enjoy it!