Thursday, August 24, 2006


FOAD Thursday seems like a fine thing to me.
Think I'm coming down with something. Little headache, little scratch in the throat, little too cold/too warm. No patience for work activities.


At the farmer's market (the not-so-big Wednesday one), I bought:
1 pint of fall raspberries
3 Diamond Princess peaches
1 chocolate rosette (fudge frosting)

Ate that afternoon:
Leftover Saag Paneer from the excellent Indian food cart up the way
Most of the raspberries. Oh, moan, those raspberries, they are FOOD OF THE GODS. I swear they were fresh-picked that morning. I love fall raspberries, better than summer raspberries, the kind most people have.
The entire rosette
1 samosa from above-mentioned Indian cart

Too much food. I'm regretting the rosette now but it was sure tasty. Nothing like a hunk of big moist chocolate cake to take your mind off of things, at least for a little while.

Todo list:

  • Keep trying to contact my cousin, who never received a wedding invitation (damn you USPS, what did you do with it?) and probably hates me now. Gotta find out if that is really her address.

  • Email dressmaker and get a dry-cleaner recommendation for The Dress.

  • Send email to guests. Still trying to find Hoi Toi figurine.

  • Work

  • Email photographer - where are you? where's the pictures? I already know they are mostly gonna suck because as I've mentioned before me = not photogenic. K's not much either. And neither's our cat! So no cute cat pictures, sorry.

  • Buy more thank you notes

  • Finish writing thank you notes

What I feel like doing:

  • Curling up under the warm covers with a comfort book and cat

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