Monday, August 21, 2006

Yarn lust

OK, so I go through periods of desiring yarn. No, that's wrong - I'm always desiring yarn, but sometimes I'm just ok with it staying in the shop and me admiring it from afar. Maybe a more apt description is wanting to roll nekkid in a big mountain of alpaca. One that had been delivered to me by USPS.

And I sometimes give in to the ugly side and start trolling ebay and yarn sites for all the fabulous yarns that I would knit into stupendous sweaters and stoles and scarves and socks. I REALLY shouldn't be on mailing lists, 'cuz I get the WEBS notices and just go a little bit bonkers looking at all that nice fiber. At least bonkers in the head, although I've managed to avoid the wallet so far...this summer.

I'm kind of embarassed by all that materialistic desire and I also know I have far, far too much yarn already and have absolutely no need of any more. Sometimes that stops me. Uh, I only ordered one thing from ebay in the last couple weeks. (Sigh. This is why I'm glad I've never been interested in gambling.)

I went to a new (to me) yarn store this weekend and Didn't Buy Any Yarn. It sure was all nice to look at and pet but nothing was singing to me (too loudly) and I was privately embarassed at ALL MY YARN so I just got a couple of circular needles I needed. The yarn store was Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks, a sweet new-ish store down in the southeast part of Portland. Lots o' good stuff, including the only source I know of for PFD yarn in the Portland area.

Mmmm yarn lust.

They did have this particular nice stuff: (I am such a sucker for silk) Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb. I just cannot decide on a colorway:

(pics are from the Lorna's Laces website - I'm hosting the images but the images BELONG TO THEM.)

But, like pringles, I can't stop with just one, can I?
I have to go look at this every time I go into another local yarn store:
Alchemy's Bamboo. Will you LOOK at the sheen on that stuff? Reds all the way baby on this one - Scarlett's Dark Secret is my fave. Although Mist is sure pretty...nah, reds reds reds!

This is pretty damn nice: Handpainted Zephyr from Red Bird Knits.

This stuff looks drop-dead gorgeous, and I could get behind some hand-dyed, laceweight silk from Shaefer, no problem.

The Silk Garden at WEBS is calling to me and I keep trying to drown out the noise. And have y'all had a chance to touch this? Alpaca and Silk from Blue Sky. Fabulous.

Oh, too much temptation. Back to the stole before I blow this month's paycheck.


Carole said...

It's all gorgeous. And you didn't even mention Sea Silk.

Barbara said...

The colourways? All of the above. I too suffer from yarn lust. There is no cure.