Monday, August 14, 2006

Reality rears its banal head

All back. The honeymoon was lovely, despite the 6 hour trip it took getting there (7 hours back. Stupid Portland traffic). Tuesday we were so braindead after the whole weekend and the trip we just hung around the hotel most of the day, with a couple of little dinky hikes just to move around a little. The rest of the week was a bit more eventful. Sorry, I was still decompressing this weekend and didn't post, but it was lovely just to lie about at home and read and play video games for a couple days. I am the laziest laze ever.

I haven't spent much time on the southern Oregon coast and I didn't realize how dramatic it is. Yes, pictures, soon! Promise!

I sort of miss being the center of attention. But only a little. I really enjoyed seeing everyone, hanging out with my family and K's family, seeing my new 2-month-old niece and K's 14-month-old niece. But it's also exhausting for me to be on all the time and I'm glad to get time to just veg again. I don't particularly want to be back at work; it feels completely anticlimactic after the Big Event, but there's the bills, and they need to be paid. I'm back to routines and gym 6-days-a-week and riding the train to work every morning. Which is sad and pedestrian after all the fuss but a little comforting at the same time.

I'm still getting used to wearing a ring (I don't wear any others) all the time. Freaky. I think it's a little tight. I knit contintental style (yarn held and tensioned in the left hand) and I had to adjust my holding style just a little. Side effects that you don't think about before the wedding.

My new niece Olive on the train!

That's the Rose Garden arena in the background, while going over the bridge on the Willamette river to downtown. It's a view I see twice every day when I don't have my head down knitting (look, I'm doing lace right now. I'm no good at knitting lace and not looking at it at the same time).


Carole said...

Welcome back! You can always get the ring resized if it's too tight, right?

Jennie said...

The Oregon coast is breathtaking. I enjoy it every time I get a chance.

Hi! From a Rabbitch friend.

Barbara said...

Hi. Rabbitch sent me. :) I enjoyed reading you. Will be back.

BigAlice said...

Thanks for visiting :)

I love the coast but K is more of a mountain person. But even he liked this coast. He's just not into beaches.

Oh, I can get the ring resized bigger without much effort, I think, it's just that I'm not sure if it's just my lack of ring-wearing experience or if it's really a little tight (ahh, watch the neuroses bubble to the surface!)