Friday, July 20, 2007


Not Me.
Not Yet.
Not that bad

(link from the Knitting Troll)


WEBS is having a sale on a buncha Jaeger. So far...resisting.


Everything seems irritating today. S'probly the summer cold I think I'm getting (damn kids! where are my Cold-Eez?). K and I discuss: just what word is the opposite of achey?

short irritation list
  • the word "furbaby"
  • using "an" in front of "historic" without dropping your 'h's British-style.
  • news announcers too wussy to pronounce "harass" correctly
  • stupid misogynist action novels masquerading as science fiction (bastards. Read some Iain Banks or Alistair Reynolds instead.)
  • Tom's of Maine is discontinuing their fluoride Cinnamint toothpaste. Screw that, I'm never going back to Crest. I'll stockpile whatever I can get my hands on. Does toothpaste ever expire?
  • Skin products salespeople urging me to use moisturizers. Ha. Hi, my face is so oily I have to wash it twice a day. Twice A DAY. More moisture is the last thing in the universe I need.
  • My in-laws cannot pronounce "Oregon" correctly. Tip: it does NOT rhyme with "polygon".

happy sunny rainbow unicorns things that don't suck list
  • The Historian on CD which I checked out randomly and is proving surprisingly engaging (so far. One disk down. 23 to go)
  • Amazon still has Tom's of Maine Cinnamint toothpaste in 6-packs.
  • Cracker ("You remember me, I crashed your wedding / with some orange crepe paper and some Halloween candy")
  • Parentheses
  • The restoration of Digit
  • coconut chocolate chip cookies from the Paradise bakery
  • Friday

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