Sunday, July 01, 2007

This title used to make sense to me but I have removed it because it not longer does

Late Sunday night and I really wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow. Sigh. I did manage to get a copy of the Eyre Affair on CD so I'm ripping it right now (I rip it to the machine but I keep the CDs checked out from the library while I do so, and trash all files when I'm done. I really really really appreciate my local library so I don't transgress even implied copyright rights. Multnomah County Library rox. Highest circulation rate in the country).

But I have a question, what does "slightly abridged" mean? I am usually not a fan of the "A" word at all but I don't seem to be able to obtain the Unabridged version at all. Hmph. (But I also managed to get a copy of Sherlock Holmes short stories so it is taking the edge off in the meantime. But man oh man I had no idea that the world used to be so racist. Jaw-droppingly. How could anyone write "I betrayed my race in marrying him?" 'Betrayed your race' WTF does that mean?
Then again I forget that women have only been able to vote for a 100 years, too. I take too much for granted.)

My drunken list of 7 random things. As written by just about everyone by now. Although maybe not so drunken

1) at least partially chose my profession by how I'd be required to dress. Oh the ignomy! (oh the t -shirts!)

2) I didn't start drinking until I was 25. I kill only adult brain cells!

3) I'm really fucking lazy. Or I burnt out young (Perhaps both!). Pick your poison. I don't care.
Most of getting along in the world seems to be a lot of bookkeeping. I'm jealous of people for whom it's not.

4) People might say that I've squandered my intelligence. Probably so, but it's a lot more fun now. And it didn't invole 6+ years of bending over in grad school.

5) I'm just a tad bit paranoid. Or maybe it's just that I prefer to hedge my bets.

6) I'm not an early adopter. I have a distressing tendency to prefer the current state of affairs instead of change. This is good in some ways and bad in others.

7) I forget what 7 is for.

8) I spent the day gardening. Yes, ALL DAY. OK, with breaks for knitting and, uh, a trip to the nursery for, uh, another planter (and some more plants but really not that many just a few tray packs because I planted a bunch of seeds this year but for some reason only about 3 of them came and I dont' know why and my inlaws are visiting this week and OMG the front steps look terrible and the pansies in pots are grown out and look awful and I really really need to deadhead the roses OMG they come on Friday). I'm sorry, the old mostly-dead evergreen blueberry had to go. I hate ripping out plants that are still alive, it feels as if I'm giving up on them but this poor blueberry really needed a quick death. And the the planter was falling to pieces (there wasn't a bottom any more. Literally) so we got a new one and I threw in a daylily from a too-small pot, I got the plant from a neighbor a couple years ago. It's a very nice daylily (except it's pink but I generally excuse that quality in plants) and the poor thing was awfully root bound. It'll take a couple years for it to fill up this big ol' pot (about 25 gallons o' soil). That's ok. D aylilies are high on my alltime favorites list because
a) they seem to keep coming up every year without any intervention from me. Hallelujah!
b) they prefer more water but they're ok if I sort of forget it.
c) they're not poisonous, they're even EDIBLE. No need to worry about the kids next door keeling over from plant poisonings.
d) they survive the hideous clay soil (Oh the joy!)
Hemerocallus, you taste like cucumbers, how I do love thee.

9) it's probably for the best that I didn't become a librarian despite my inordinate interest in organization (I wouldn't say a fetish. Not quite that) because of I would probably look too much like one (see Because I am kind of devoid in the piercings and anything in the body mod department. Uh, and the long hair. I dunno, it's not a statement, it's just how I am. I'm not good at portraying an attitude or idea so I don't even try. And of course I do anyway. It's not anything but laziness.

I really need to wash off this DEET off my legs because it smells BAD but I'd already gotten 2 mosquito bites on my feet (yes, feet, ARRRRGH) so I decided screw it and sprayed myself up. I do not have a sunburn though. Thank you, Neutrogina SPF 45 sunscreen. You work well even 10 days past the solstice.

Ack!, 1:17! I should go to bed. Be excellent to each other. Happy good night.

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