Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I fought the (in)Law and the (in)Law won

Thanks so much everyone for being so funny and understanding. I see I am not alone in my occasional-visitor experiences. I wish dearly I were I more into clean-ness, because then it wouldn't be so annoying to clean the shower-bath. You can see through the glass doors now, I consider that a victory.

Really, I love my in-laws, they're good people. I just am bad at feeling completely responsible for other people having a good time and I've got far too much of the Perfect Daughter-in-Law complex. We did had a good time when they were here, sitting around and talking and drinking. Galivanting about seeing stuff I hadn't ever seen. And my mother-in-law is a hell of a lot more fun to shop with for clothes for my neice/her granddaughter than K is ("uh, whatever.") I allow myself to get my cute on when it comes to baby girls, even letting a little pink out (but please god no fuzzy bears or cute embroidery. I cannot take the embroidery).

Frances the cat says: it's too damn hot.

It's 12:08 am and it's 80 degrees outside (probly 85 in the house). It got to 102 today. Bah. We don't have air-conditioning (in the same way as most of older L.A. doesn't have heat). This is when I miss the desert, which COOLS DOWN AT NIGHT.

The cat is hilarious in this weather, she'll walk about 10 steps and just flop down on her side. This is a floor shot of her yoga impression - when I'm back from the gym and doing crunches and stretches, she'll just throw herself down next to me and look cute and intimidate me with how flexible she is.

There is knitting, but it is lace and I am too hella lazy to stretch it out for you tonight. And some Monkeys for the road. It's supposed to cool off enough for me to brave going upstairs by the end of this week. Time to get off my ass and work out the Raglan of Doubt.

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