Thursday, February 18, 2010

Interesting is Overrated

So tonight when I was chatting with the server when I picked up my takeout dinner (yeah, we got takeout. It was late and I was out of ideas), he said, he was about the same, nothing interesting happening. That's what I told him back. interesting == overrated.

I like my dull life. The last time things got interesting I hurt my back (twice!), got a new job, my cat got cancer, and both my grandparents died. NO thank you we don't want any interesting here.

Oh, here's one of the rounds of interesting from last summer:
Yeah, I even took a picture for y'all, good little blogger that I am, but decided not to post after all. I dredged it up for now, since I miss fresh strawberries (T-3.5 months and counting). It's posed and all, right after I'd gotten home after a CAT scan and blood draw (I have deep veins and the CAT scan people had already used the one accessible one in my elbow, so they used my hand). Why'd I get a CAT scan? I went to dinner on Saturday before, put my hand on the side of my neck, and found a lump. I had no idea how long it'd been there. It was still there 5 days later so I went to the doctor who looked worried and ordered the CAT and the blood scans.

It's all ok, there's a happy ending. None of the tests showed signs of anything weird. They just figure it was a deep-set cervical lymph node having too much of a good time. It subsided soon after and now I can no longer rock the Frankenstein lumpy-neck look (drat, there goes the Halloween costume)

Like I said, I like my dull life. I like messing around with dyeing, and quilting, and knitting, and riding my bike around. You know what I do when I go places? I like to walk around and look at things. I like to find good restaurants and cafes and enjoy the food and people-watch.

I look forward to sitting around in the summer on the patio with a margarita, staring at the flowers. People ask me what I do for fun and appear bored out of their gourds when I tell them about my little fiber obsessions (most present company excluded, of course). They perk up a little at the biking, as there's always the added excitement of CARS and possible excitement of MOUNTAINS, but since I can dislocate a knee just walking down some stairs (true! What can I say, I'm talented. Actually, that hasn't happened for a while), I kind of stay away from mountains. I seem to be one of those people while not outright clumsy, seem to easily injure themselves doing basic things. Since I like being able to walk distances, I'm ok with the no possibly-dangerous sports rule.

I suppose that Hawaii last year could be classified as good-interesting. I'll make a concession. Current interesting is that my place of employment seems to be slowly (and occasionally not so slowly) imploding, which is really annoying because I really enjoy the company of my coworkers. And also because I suck mightily at interviewing. bleh.

It's been really lovely weather lately - unseasonably warm and sunny, and it was a gorgeous day to bike in this morning. This evening I got home and the sky is so clear and starry and there's the perfect crescent moon just hanging there. The winter stars are so much more impressive, and Mars is almost straight overhead and very bright and red. I don't know any of the winter constellations except Orion. See, there's another dull thing, stargazing. I also put in peas today. MY EXCITING LIFE! Bite me.

P.S. it's back to blogger again for comments, as Haloscan is dying the death of the acquired company. I'll pick up another one once blogger comments piss me off enough again, probably Disqus or however they spell it (since they appear to be able to import the XML from Haloscan with a little hacking), but it cuts into my quilting time and lately I've been going for gold in the procrastination event.

Please know that unless blogger has changed recently, it DOES NOT GIVE ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS so I cannot respond to comments, except as another comment or if I already have your address. Not as if I'm not bad enough already about comment responding.


fillyjonk said...

I've often said that "peace and quiet are underrated in our society." I have a fairly "boring" life by many people's standards - but on the other side, I have a very drama-free life (well, other than the usual drama most homeowners deal with). And I like it that way.

Cookie said...

Boring is a very good thing. Exciting and interesting are dangerous and usually expensive.

The strawberries have arrived here. I bet you'll have them up there before you know it.

Anonymous said...

Life is the little moments. The little things that make us happy. Little things may = boring but that is 100% okay with me. My mother, sweet ray of sunshine that she was, told me once not to expect any big deal out of life. She said it in a cautionary, negative way, silly person. Your life sounds lovely (except for the imploding employer part). And I can dislocate my left knee just by rolling over in bed wrong, grrr.

pacalaga said...
I switched to IntenseDebate and rather like it. I haven't tried to upload my old comments but one of the reasons I picked it was that it said I could. But I am lazy.
I like your boring life too. Your boring life and mine sound just peachy.
Mmm, peaches.

Knittripps said...

I like my life "boring" as well.

That is definitely one of the downsides to using Blogger for comments. To answer the comment you posted on my blog - yes, I really like working with Vesper. I haven't had any problems yet with knots or splitting or anything like that and I enjoy the color changes. It is pretty thin and not as squishy as I would like but its pros definitely outway the cons.