Monday, February 22, 2010

That didn't take long

The pruning might not be all done, but these are. An addictive pattern on 64 stitches in a colorway and yarn that I like going quickly? Who knew?

These are the embossed leaves socks I started couple weeks ago. Ha, what took the longest was figuring out when to stop. I've had a Crisis of Sock lately, feeling as if most of my handknit socks are too loose or grow too loose with wear, both width and lengthwise. I'm trying to make these deliberately a little tight in the length.

I kept pretty close to the pattern, except:

1. I did 2 extra rows on the heel (deep heels),

2. picked up 1 extra stitch each side of the heel flap

3. decreased most of the gusset to pattern (decreases every other row), until the last 4 or so and then it was every 4 rows. I find this gives me a better fit.

4. decreased the first 2 purls in the pattern with a p2tog the row after I joined everything up with the heel flap. That way it matches the other side, which has a single purl stitch border. The star toe requires a very specific number of stitches, so I increased a stitch on the first row of the toe shaping where the purl used to be.

5. modified the toe: finished the last couple rows of the pattern without a knit row in between, and stopped at 14 stitches on each needle and kitchenered it closed. Star toes were really never meant to be grafted shut, so it looks a little wonky off the foot. On the foot my big toe stretches it out just fine. They do look a bit truncated, but eh.

6. I didn't break the yarn at the heel

7. when I got to the toe, I shifted the beginning of the round to the beginning of the pattern. I don't know why, probably I accidentally went too far and was too lazy to tink back. It makes the star toe work out nicely, though.

8. added extra repeat or 1/2 repeat or something to the foot to accommodate my size 11s.

The heel is odd - stockinette with a garter stitch border. It's a real PITA picking up stitches from the garter stitch, and I'm not sure how it'll wear, although usually my feet o' doom destroy sock toes first before the heel goes.

Semi-miraculously, I didn't run out of yarn.

Yes, they're lacy, but not screamingly so, and they fit beautifully. Yay!


Anonymous said...

Pretty, pretty! I think I am in awe of your ability to modify a lacy sock pattern and bend it to your will.

Cookie said...

Lovely! Well done!

Knittripps said...

Your new socks look great. Socks that fit are definitely better than socks that don't.

Carrie K said...

They look fab. I'm in awe of your ability to modify a lace sock too.

BTW, ITA about interesting!! A few years back I prayed for dull and I'm happy to have it (mostly). Dull is so sadly underrated.

pacalaga said...


laughingmuse said...

Very very very pretty!