Monday, February 08, 2010


A quilter whose work I much admire recently decided to have a quilt-along during February, and I joined up with Quilt Along With Melody. I don't have much time except on weekends lately, but let's see how far I can get. I'm going to be using the basic block she started with in this post, and go from there. I've been kind of itching to play with fabric lately.

I wanted kind of a general theme but Oh my Bob do I have a lot of fabric. Where do I start? Hmm, I do have a fondness for bright colors. And when I say bright perhaps most people would say eye-searing. I don't use them much since no one but my rockin' brother and my 5-year-old nieces are big fans of rainbow-colored dinosaurs. I yanked out a bunch of ones I haven't had much of a chance to use - especially the multi-colors.
Sorry, crappy picture. Hi February in western Oregon! (Do you see the yellow one on the top row in the middle with all the dots of different sizes? I adore that one. I can't hardly bear to cut it up, it's full of such dotty fabulousness. And the orange one to its right with black rings and yellow inside of that. LOVE. K calls it the "eye print". I've got another half yard of it in turquoise, somewhere. I think there are a lot of Jan Mullen prints. I had quite the Jan Mullen crush for a while)

I think I'm going to start with the top row and keep to oranges and yellows and reds for the moment. I plan to play this pretty straight by value, and most of these brights are about medium values. Just to be contrary I don't want to showcase the brights as the center square. Instead I'll keep them as the outer border, do a dark inner border, and a light inner square. I don't know if it'll work but I'll mess around a bit and see. I'm also thinking about cutting on the diagonals if the squares aren't all that I'd hoped for.

And that's the problem usually, the thing in my head often looks nothing like what's popping out in the design wall (and not in a good way). Oh well. I still love my day-glo-pink with fluorescent orange hibiscus flowers print. And now maybe it'll get to see the light of day.

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