Tuesday, February 16, 2010

QAWM squares

My first set of squares:
* brighter in person

I wanted to work all weekend on these (plus some knitting on the side) but I did something funky to my left wrist Friday night and it hurt to rotate. Knitting wasn't so bad but cutting & sewing were a little painful. I had a bike ride Sunday I didn't want to miss so I babied it all weekend and did almost nothing quilty 'til Sunday afternoon. grump.

My original idea of dark prints in the thin middle strip didn't really turn out when I started laying things side by side. I decided to use some medium-darkish purples that I hand-dyed. I'm pretty pleased with how it looks next to those bright borders.

I started throwing various prints next to the bright outside and purplish borders, after my first idea of light middle squares was looking meh. Did I also mention that I am also fond of black background funky prints? Yeah, got a few of those too (why yes, those are flaming chile peppers). I didn't fussy cut the black centers, I swear, but the love bug on the right side ended up smack dab in the middle.

Just seeing all those bright colors makes me happy. Also, I got to use some of my flying bat-frog print, woohoo!

Now I have to decide whether to cut the big blocks into 4 squares or leave them as is. If the latter, I definitely want some sashing, but not really sure what. I might take my 2 least favorite blocks, cut them up, and see what they look like. Got any opinions? Should I cut or leave them in their full 10.5" glory?

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Katie said...

Beautiful quilt! Just perfect to perk up the mid-winter blues! I made a baby quilt with blocks on point and had lots of fun constructing the setting triangles (I wasnt' using a pattern, but the internet has tons of info on calculating the dimensions). I mis-read the advice and they came out very large, but I just trimmed them down. I never thought of cutting one of the main squares in half - wouldn't you be short a seam allowance on the long side?
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