Monday, February 01, 2010

The weekend is over

The in-laws left last Thurdsay. Both K and I are slammed at work right now so the weekend was work (only 1 day for me) but at least I got to stay home and not do anything unless I wanted to (except for work, and it was interesting). Sunday was nice and I fixed up my bike brakes and went for a ride. Today my butt is surprisingly non-sore. Too bad I went for a ride to the yarn store "just to look around" and they were having a 60% off clearance yarn sale. Uh-hunh yes I did come home with some.

The 'rents found 2 houses, both a bit more than they were "hoping" for, both ginormous mcMansions in some state of bank-ownership or foreclosure with big sweeping views and huge garages, and we'd be expected to go caretake. Which, you know, I don't mind so much as they did spend a lot of time & money on their son and it's nice to pay back a little, but what pisses me off is they didn't even bother to ask us if we would, just assumed.

I don't really want them living nearby at all. I guess it comes down to that. I don't want to interact with them and I don't want to listen to them more than rarely. I don't want to come up with safe small talk around them. I suppose that at least I wouldn't have to come up with Things To Do. (tip: if you want to visit me for more than 3 days: come up with your own itinerary. Invite me along, but don't be insulted if I need some time away from hanging out with you for days. Sitting around saying "whatever you want to do!" is not being accommodating, it's being annoying, and it makes me feel like a tour director. Unpaid. Also, what I want to do is knit. What do YOU want to do?)

Anyway, they're down in [warm southwestern state] now, scoping out houses in [urban hell where no one walks anywhere] and this is all predicated on whether their relatives are willing to go in with them on this and everyone agrees on the house and all that (part of the need for the size. Everyone needs their own master bedroom and then some)

All of this makes me feel particularly ugly inside; the selfishness is busting out at the seams.

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