Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Arise, arouse, a rose!*

So I mentioned there was this Rose Festival thing going on right now. I look outside and I sense a theme.

* From the same movie character: 'ad loc, ad hoc and quid quo pro, so little time so much to know!'

I'm grumpy this morning for no particular reason but less so since I won the parking lottery today! Today being one of those mornings that I thought, to hell with it, I'm driving to work, I can't cope with public transit today. I drove up in the parking garage (which actually had spaces left! Win #1!) and there before me, right near the elevator, was a free space, gently glowing with miraculous light. Amazing, that never happens. I'm always stuck way up on the roof, like some kind of Ben Franklin "early to rise" punishment (thank goodness for flexible hours. I am not a morning person).

Anyway, (the royal) we here are all stream o' consciousness today, if it's not apparent already. We are too scatterbrained to be interesting. We are tempted to blame it on this work project which involves cutting and pasting hundreds of words into a stupid user interface. We might also blame it on the dyeing fumes (aside: we have discovered the whole "blooming" thing that people talk about when they talk about coned yarn. Wooo boy, it's twice the diameter it was before dyeing. Which means that the tied bits were tied a teency bit too tightly and there are some lighter blotchy patches. I could overdye it but I kind of like the effect. I tried taking a picture because I was so pleased with the rich dark greens (I used a crapload of dye. it worked), but the camera's color balance is all off and I'm too lazy to photoshop it. Think deep hunter green shading around to teal, with lighter bits of yellow here and there. I am in LURVE). Hopefully that's not it since although we adore those deep greens, the yellow bits won't work and we wanted something just as rich but a bit more teal-y. So back again to the dyepot. Uh, in my copious free time.

I think we'll do Dan Dan Mien for dinner tonight, noodles with ground pork, bean sprouts, scallions, and shiitake mushrooms. The local farmer's market had shiitakes and I couldn't resist. I like buying vegetables and fruits I'm not overly familiar with, because it's fun and I feel all grown-up and I like shaking things up a little. I draw the line at rutabagas though. Oh crap, we've got asparagus to eat too. Hmmm. It'll have to be thursday. I go a little nuts sometimes with all those fresh veggies.

The commuter sock has been sitting alone, crying for attention. It's at the heel split point and I haven't sat down and set it all up. Some things don't work well on public transit.

I have yet to see a single person ride the bungie-cord-tower-o-death ride.

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