Thursday, June 07, 2007

Low kinetic energy

Wow do I feel awful today.

Actually no, I'll be honest, I just feel really tired. There's absolutely no reason either, as I had a full 8+ hours of sleep disturbed only by 11 pounds of fur who prefers to sleep on TOP of people (or parks herself right in the middle of the bed). It's been a little colder lately so she's snuggling up more.

I drug myself out of bed and to the gym because I've slacked for 3 days in a row now. I just haven't had the willpower to get up before 7:30 am all week long (I know. WOE IS ME. I think I mentioned before: I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON). The body didn't want to move, it was creaky and sweaty and annoying but I pushed through 1/2 hour of it. After, I've just been dragging all day. Sucks to be me. I had a leftover spinach & mushroom calzone and two cookies for lunch. My FSM but the cookies were good. I enjoyed every crumb. The calzone was pretty good too. That's a big winner of a recipe. Yes, I know the cookies negated most of the gym benefits, but I really needed some instant gratification. Sigh. I'm all about the excuses this week.

At work I finally emerged from cut 'n' paste purgatory yesterday and so today I'm at loose ends, having been in zombie mode for days now. So I'm working on docs. Purgatory part 2. But at least the brain can slowly re-engage.

Last night I finally sat down and worked the heel on the socks, so I've got something to knit on the train again. I thought I took good notes on the first but I had to decode some of my shorthand and it took longer than it should of.
Enh, whatever.

The colors in this yarn were good for the grey, rain-soaked, low-light days of winter and spring where the soft blues and greens and yellows would sparkle up from the muted brown background, but now that it's a lot brighter outside they just look dull. Since I'm not up to starting a new pair of socks I better finish up these ones. (For new socks it's still an Adventure in Too Many?/Too Few? Stitches Land. I usually have to cast on at least twice. Not feeling like that right now)

And then what? When the silk lace stole is done, which has consumed 95% of time and energy for months now, what'll I do? I always get like this near the end of a project. It's fun making new stuff and anticipation and all that crap, but sometimes I really just want something that's tried, true, and STARTED. Where I don't need to guess or worry about how it's coming out. It's nice to be machine-like and just follow the damn directions.

Our contestants:

In the north corner we have the Raglan of Doubt, which has been sitting forlorn for months now. It'll probably need 3 or 4 more tries before I get the yoke quite right. But hey, if I start it now, I might actually finish it in time for next winter.

To the south there is Neglected Slip Stitch Trial Sweater, where I stopped when I got stuck trying to sort out the increases to the sleeves while still maintaining the slip stitch pattern. And it's just a trial sweater for a bigger version so I can get better at seaming. I shudder to think how long that's been sitting -- a year now? Yeah, that's about right. I should really finish this up. Both back and front are done, I'm just stuck at the sleeves.

Need we mention the west corner? Where another neglected child's sweater lies in disgrace. It's a top-down raglan-ish (the increases are staggered and not noticeable) and when I divided the stitches for the sleeves and started on the sleeves the whole prior row loosened up unacceptably. I threw it in a bag and buried it for months. Uh, since last fall. Oh I'm good at this procrastination thing. Did I mention it's an aran weight cotton? Yeah, I've learned from that. No more cottons above worsted, thanks.

That sweater isn't that fun to work on but I want the yarn out of my stash (it's like penance for being so dumb as to buy it. Bah. It was on sale and I liked the colors). The whole top part is done. All the increases - finit. I can't guarantee I'm going to get any more neices so I should really finish this while one of them might still fit into it.

East, we have? Um. Oh yes, the pomatomuses, looking surly because they've been sitting for so long. There's about 1/2 inch left on the toe of the 2nd sock. Those'll be quick to finish.

Meanwhile there are a couple skeins of blush pink alpaca silk that call sweetly to me for a lace scarf. Multiple books full of children's sweaters I want to do. An elaborate lace stole in Marianne Kinzel's second book that I've been dreaming about for a year now (in bottle green or basil? I cannot decide) The incredibly soft, lovely deep red, cobweb laceweight that I won from Wen the KFYS Yarn Fairy. It's tired of being admired daily and wants to be used, but no design I find seems suited to it. I might go this one alone and make up another lace stole.

The problem with lace is that FOs don't make much of an appreciative dent in the stash.

I guess I've plenty to choose from. I'm also eyeing a wrap sweater which might actually cause me to break my moratorium of not knitting sweaters for myself.

I'll post pictures later if I can overcome my lethargy long enough. Because what the world needs more of are images of my abandoned knitting projects.

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