Friday, June 15, 2007


(Warning, bummer of a post. Don't cry for me Argentina, I'm just bitching to hear myself type.)

  • I think I'm getting sick. There's some stupid sore spot in my throat and I'm sniffling. Bah.

  • Stupid blogger which I'm currently using on Firefox is broken enough that the Save Now button at the bottom of this page grows wider and wider the farther I type, until it's about half the size of the window and butts up against the "Draft autosaved" part. I won't even go into it on Safari. Let's just say it's rolling the dice whether I can upload pictures or publish a post.
    And it annoys me to NO END that it's painfully hard to hand-edit the html (I have to download it, modify it, upload it again, then hope for the best) for my sidebars.
    (I know, you're all, "here's a nickel, kid, go buy yourself a real hosting solution").

  • I've been writing documentation for 2 weeks now and I am terminally bored. I seriously can't seem to concentrate on it for more than 10 minutes. This is bad. On the plus side, after 2 weeks of distracted work, it's almost done.

  • Shit keeps breaking. Why is everything an endless series of work-arounds?

  • The commuter socks are almost done. So is the pile of silk lace (just needs some ends woven in). I don't know what to do next.

  • Pile of silk lace needs a photo shoot and I don't have any model besides me (K the love monkey refuses. Too bad). I don't think this is going to go well.
    K will be photographer and we'll see if we can find some new (or at least not fugly) backdrop that hasn't been done to death by Knitty/thousands of bloggers/Debbie Bliss. I think we'll try the Rose Garden first. With backup by the Japanese Garden and then the Chinese Garden. There's a lot of gardens around here. Problem is that the stole itself is green. Green backdrop won't do a lot for it. Big problem is that I don't have any clothes that I think would look good with it. I need a little black dress. Point 1: I am not little, Point 2: nobody seems to sell simple black dresses anymore. Or at least the kind that don't gap out funny if you've got boobage.

  • I ate a donut this morning at work because I was feeling kind of bad and I used that as an excuse. Now I despise myself.

  • I tried clothes shopping again this week, since one place was having a big sale. Hahahhahahahaha. Why do I persist in this exercise in futility? It just embarasses me and makes me ultra aware of just how fat I am.

  • Tired of doing 10+ miles a week walking and the equivalent of running 20 miles a week and it does nothing at all for my size. I do feel better and healthier, but it matters not a wit to my weight. I'm mindnumbingly jealous of anyone who can blithely eat that donut and never have it affect them.
    K drives to work everyday, he doesn't exercise, he gets about 15 minutes of movement out of every day, yet he weighs less than I. The next person who tells me obesity is a failure of my willpower gets their lunch pizza & a coke shoved where the sun don't shine.

  • I have really, really, really got to get the rest of those plants potted up.

  • Grump, I need a new gym book. Something with a good plot, so I can get distracted and tempt myself to go to the gym so that I'll read it. A good plot, not a dumb one, and not stupid characters. Some skimming is ok. Pynchon: not so good gym reading. Terry Brooks: excellent gym reading.
    Action works pretty well, but I've not been able to find a new book using my patented method of "casually peruse library shelves for covers with explosions on them." The sci fi and fantasy shelves just look overwrought lately (I did just finish The Anvil of the World by Kage Baker and that was pretty entertaining).

+ (written despite the protests of the super-ego)

  • It is drizzly today. This is not stupid. This means I will not need to water today. yay.

  • It's Friday. Two days of documentation-free bliss await.

  • I did have a leftover Cold-Eeze (sugar-free, ha) left in my carrier bag. Kill that cold with zinc, baby.

  • I can choose anything I damn well want to knit.

  • Clothing stores and designers can go to hell, I'll sew my own damn skirts.

  • The peas are producing frantically. It's like eating the vegetable world's equivalent of candy. They don't even make it to the kitchen, I eat the pods straight off the vines.

  • Probably it's warm enough now to plant some cucumbers and beans. No more lows in the 40s until September.

  • It seems that I've finally gotten the hang of basil. It hasn't died yet, it's sprouting nicely, yet the leaves are a full basil flavor. Yay. Now I just need to prevent myself rushing out and buying a bunch more basil plants. Then again, I could put them around some tomatoes... hmmm.

  • We had a hummus dinner night last night (hummus with pitas, tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, and onions). That helps counteract some of the donut guilt, doesn't it?

  • I am drinking lots of water, yes mother.

  • Farmer's market is tomorrow! More strawberries! Maybe some early cherries! Woo!

  • I'm going to the Pearl Bakery today to buy some real live artisan bread which we will eat gustily with D'Affinois brie and a tasty cheddar tonight. Screw the donut.

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