Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dye me a river (of yarn)

Meh meh. Meh Tuesday.
I never seem to get anything done. How the hell do you people with kids accomplish so much? Do you never sleep?

All I've got is a cat and I still have more unfulfilled plans than finished projects.

I spent hours yesterday writing up the full pattern for Silk Lace Chaos. The charts were already done, but I needed to do a longhand version plus all the little extras like the cast-on and bind-off and how many times to repeat the chart, all of thatstuff. I can't believe it took so long to do, and I still need to format it all pretty, double check the written directions against the chart, fill in some of the questionable stuff (what exactly size crochet hook did I use?), then proofread the lot. I'm anal about the details. I suppose that's a plus sometimes but it takes forever to finish anything.


Shiny beads for distraction:
They aren't all involved in the same project, I just liked how they looked together.

I've got the yarn lust bad lately. I keep looking at pictures of yarn. Stash sets on flikr. Blog posts. All those gorgeous colors and textures are getting to me. It must be time to re-org the stash again. Hopefully I just need some wool fume exposure. I do adore me some silk, but lace just keeps going on and on and on.

I'm still in with the Knit From Your Stash, yes I am. The only yarn I've bought since I started in January was a gift for someone else. (full disclosure: I started after the birthday splurge, the picture I posted a couple days ago). I should feel good about this but really right now I just want to roll nekkid in as many colors of cashmere as I can get my hands on (I own only a small amount of cashmere). Sadly, the stash hasn't really decreased in size much - lace and socks make only a tiny dent.

Maybe if I do some more dyeing I'll stop coveting other stashes. Yeah, that might get the color stuff out of my system for at least a little while. Perhaps a day of cotton dyeing, making a huge ol' mess in the backyard with the spraybottles and the sunprint paint and rubber bands. Oooh I could try some yarn handpainting! Up until now I've only been kettle dyeing. All I'd need to do is setup a steamer.

Damn damn damn it's only Tuesday. 3 whole days until the weekend. Grump.

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