Monday, June 11, 2007

Crying for strawberries and other embarassing public outbursts

Pic of the yarn I dyed last week. I really really really want to cast on with it for some Monkeys right now, but Silk Lace Chaos must come first. I'm afraid that Silk Lace Chaos is going to be a real PITA to block - the sides are wavy, on purpose.

The Yarn Harlot's talk was good, although the crowd was a bit rowdy (yo, I don't get out much. Knitters in herds make me a little nervous (definitely a pride of knitters)). I got there about 1.5 hours ahead of time and got a seat (yay!). You can see photographic evidence of my presence on the Yarn Harlot's post - I'm in the background on the left in the picture of Chris.

One odd thing. I brought my commuter sock to work on, for the hours of waiting and the time in the signing line afterwards. (Yes I also talked with people. Go away). As I'm standing there the woman next to me, who's been talking to a group behind us, comments loudly to the group "I enjoy circulars for socks so much. I don't even know why anyone would ever bother with DPNs." Did I mention the commuter sock was on DPNs?

I wasn't really annoyed or angered at her outburst, as kind of taken aback. Because:

a) I had been working a DPNed sock right in front of her for the last 20 minutes. Maybe she thought I was ignorant of circs?

b) Different strokes for different folks, you know? Straights are not my needles o' choice but I don't go around implying that people who use them are stupid. My mom detests bamboo needles. I love them for socks and lace. We all get along ok and on the plus side we never steal each other's needles.

I use the DPNs because I prefer them and I find 2 circs awkward. I also feel like some uber competent knitter when using them because nothing impresses the people on the train like 5 needles, heh. Magic loop was ok with me but I don't have all the sock needle sizes I need for that - these socks in particular are on 2.25 mm needles, a hard to find size in a long-cable circ.

But she never even bothered asking me why I was using double pointed needles. Maybe she didn't see me?

Like I said, it didn't anger me as much as confuse me.

In other news (happy, happy news!) I finally bound off the silk lace chaos. I did it about 4 times before I found the beading/bind-off series that came closest to the cast-on/beading. I like it so much if I did it again (ha) I'd probably do a provisional cast-on and then knit the other one exactly the same. The beading after the cast-on is weirdly distorted, like I was keeping the tension too high. The beading before the bind-off is fine. Enh, once it's blocked, they'll both be all stretched out. If I hadn't needed to work a bit on Sunday it'd be blocking right now. woot woot!

The farmer's market is finally starting to carry more stuff than cabbage, overwintered apples, and mushrooms. The first weekend in June was also the first weekend of the strawberries. I arranged my market goodies all pretty just for you.

Oh my FSM they are so so good. I've missed fresh berries so much I started crying as I approached the market. Thank goodness for sunglasses. Those ones in the picture are my favorite variety, Hood. They're not as pretty as commercial strawberries -- a bit misshapen, on the smaller side, and a brighter color when ripe. They're also incredibly sweet and juicy. They're too delicate to ship anywhere, so they're not commercially available. Moan. I am salivating just thinking about them.

And cherries, cherries shouldn't be too far behind. The tayberries in back are starting to turn pinkish. Raspberries and blueberries will start coming in a couple weeks. Oh, I can't wait.

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