Monday, June 25, 2007

ix-nay on the url-hay

So I came down with a lovely bout of gastroenteritis on Thursday. I slept through much of Friday, and sat around Saturday getting really tired of drinking water. It's all for the best that I didn't have my heart set on going to Black Sheep, since this weekend I ended up not doing anything but sit/lie around trying not to move much.

It's ok, I felt mostly better by Sunday but let's just say that me and the stomach have a truce. I dearly hope I didn't infect anyone else. Stomach flu is about my very least favorite malady. I HATE feeling nauseated.

I did, however, manage to rearrange some of the stash this weekend, and it's really for the best I didn't buy any yarn. I don't have so much of it that I've forgotten things (e.g. there weren't any outright surprises) but the amount is way over what I could knit in a year and it's embarassing.

Anyway, it's Monday, back to reality day. Bleh.

I started a new lace stole this weekend. This one in Zephyr wool/silk and it's pretty nice to work with grabby yarn again. It's the Arabesque Stole from Marianne Kinzel's 2nd Book of Modern Lace Knitting, for those of you playing along at home.

And yeah, I think I finally found the right combo of needles and sock yarn for the monkey socks. Ha, thrilling conclusion indeed. I will resurrect the camera from the pile tonight, 'k?

(Title quotation from Wayne's World 2. Wow, I really don't remember much from that movie.)

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